13.1 Break Down

This should go without saying but this is all Club info meaning information is not to be reposted or access granted to anyone else. It aint that complicated anyways guy… Well I guess the break down is longer then the workout.

Password: rednose


3 thoughts on “13.1 Break Down

  1. Awsome advice. I will stretch plenty tonight. Let’s see what happens tomorrow! The set up tips for the snatch will be very valuable.
    Thanks Z.

  2. Here’s everyone scores

    Jess Total=156 Time=11:01
    Pam Y Total=126 Time=5:52
    Alli J Total=152 Time=12:19
    Kara Total=154 Time=11:03
    Ashley Total=102 Time=11:24
    Lisa Total=150 Time=14:06
    Carrie Total=178 Time=9:36
    Amina Total=151 Time=12:54
    Julie Total=142 Time=16:08
    Sarah Total=154 Time=12:52
    Mama F Total=150 Time=14:54
    Laura S Total=150 Time=12:03
    Destiny Total=120 Time=6:20
    Hilda Total=100 Time=5:38

    James Total=163 Time=10:42
    Brenden Total=176 Time=9:56
    D. Pratt Total=126 Time=6:48
    Johnny Total=116 Time=6:22
    Eric L Total=126 Time=5:53
    Nickay Total=126 Time=4:51
    Skylar Total=167 Time=10:23
    Lincoln Total=156 Time=13:16
    Blake Total=156 Time=11:52
    Mike W Total=105 Time=5:49
    Ron H Total=120 Time=6:10
    Wes Total=122 Time=5:30
    Joey S Total=122 Time=5:19
    Matt R Total=100 Time=4:58
    Nick C Total=104 Time=5:40
    Adrian Total= 154 Time=12:45

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