13.4 Breakdown

I have again been thwarted in my attempt at making a video Breakdown for the day. Blame the fuckin American Health care system for there not being a video.

But all that aside lets talk about 13.4 and how as the Club we’ll be approaching it.

First off here let’s address rep schemes, because honestly unless you horrible at T2B this workout is won or lost in the C&J. And even if you’re horrible at T2B you can still make up time for subpar T2B if you rock your C&J.

Now first off lets scrap the idea that your gonna drop the bar every rep, Grow up Peter Pan…

You guys are in the Club and we preach efficiency. Sometimes I tell you to drop bars, sometimes I tell you to break up wallball sets and sometimes I tell you to sack up and hold onto bars.

This is one of those Nut Up or Shut up Situations.

I will give different examples of the way to do the reps below.

Rep Scheme #1

Go For it

*Standard Rep Scheme

Rep Scheme #2

Go For it

*Confident Rep Scheme

Rep Scheme #3


*Agressive Rep Scheme

Most of you should try your ass off to stick to the Standard rep scheme if you don’t you’ll leave too much time on the table. If you’re doing singles on your T2B you REALLY better get after that Barbell work.

This is about as close to a Kettlebell workout as we’ll see. It comes down to grip endurance and the ability to be efficient in the clean and jerk. Everything we preach in this program comes down to mental efficiency to match mastery of movement. Trust me when I say you’ll rest the same amount of time between singles as you would in sets when you get to deep water. I was actually able to go the negative splits route and Increase the length of my sets as I went in this one. I wouldn’t recommend this from anyone else though.

This is really simple guys. Are you Tough Enough to stay on the Barbell?

Workout Pointers

HOOK GRIP – Actually released mine on my clean catch and regripped on the way down from overhead in my sets today.

Tape your Thumbs – This will help you, trust me.

Hand width – I went with a grip on my clean that matches my split jerk grip width. I had to release my hook in the catch for power clean but was able to hit a very efficient jerk each time that saved my shoulders.

Don’t Split – You Don’t have too

Don’t Pushpress – You shouldn’t want too

Don’t drop to singles til you you feel you have no other option.

Don’t stop for chalk during C&Js

Don’t go to shorter T2B sets when your tired thinking you’ll be able to go back to bigger one


Clean – Breath
Jerk – Breath
Bar Return – Breath
Touch Ground – Breath

This workout is hard. It’s not worse than 13.2 though. It’s just easy to want to rest. You cant rest you need to have the bar in you hand and you need to breath and move.

If you want to settle for just a “alright score” then dont follow the game plan. But if your ready to dig in on one here’s your chance.


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