13.5 Plan of Attack

Well I hope your Inspired folks cause this is going to suck. I’m your coach not your friend and the way to get a good score on this workout is to push past you comfort limits. This is probably the worst workout of the open for us men. The ladies already had their trial by fire in 13.2 and you know what?

They Answered. The RedNose Chicks stepped up for the Club and represented who we are and banked points for the team.

Last week we had a couple other standout performances from are Master.

This week its time our boys to step up. I’d love to see 3 boys score at least 5+ Rounds and I’d like to see the Kid get a chance at taking another first in the Region for the Club. It’s up to you boys whos gonna step up. I didnt get 5 Rounds in my run through but its why I have all of you. Your turn to get after it.

Ladies you need to come ready with the knowledge in your head that it will be a dog fight to clear the first 4 Minutes. This will not be easy and clearing the 4 Minute Road block is what I’m looking for from you.

Here’s what I put together for you guys from my run through. If you have already talked with me personally about a different rep scheme then you know what your going to be doing.


My recommendation is to do all of your thrusters unbroken. IF you have to break I’d suggest it AFTER the 4 minute mark. Which means if your in that Dog fight to clear that mark you CANNOT drop the bar.

If you clear it or are POSITIVE you have the c2b pullups and tempo to carry yourself easily past that 4 minute mark then you may drop the bar at rep 8 and then complete a set of 7. But I warn you leaving the bar on the ground will cost you time and time is very little in this workout. And if you grab that bar and have to go to the end on it you had better stay on it. I had to sprint my 5th set of thruster and it was extremely uncomfortable but thats part of what we do.

Do not PRESSOUT your thrusters slowly. You must have pop on the top of your reps or your gonna fry both your shoulders and grip. Yes Rich used a Suicide Grip, Sean Wells uses that as well. It’s gangsta but dont drop the bar on yourself if your doing it. This is called “USCing It”


No long talk on this there are three groups

Bad at C2Bs – Do singles and try your best

Good at C2Bs – 5 Sets of 3 (limited Rests)

Confident at C2Bs – 3 Sets of 5 (Limited Rests)

John Wayne at C2Bs – First 3 Rounds at 10/5 then switch to 3×5 (If your John Wayne on the Pullup bar this all should be butterfly)

As far as general pointers on this go, here you are.

Shoes – I’m going to leave this up to you. I wore runners to keep from bottoming out to hard. I would advise most other to wear Oly shoes. It’s up to you on this.

Tape – If you think your hands will explode then yes use tape. If you dont and they explode dont stop to tape them its to late. Pack it with chalk and keep moving.

Lungs – Bring those too cause this is when it meets the marrow boy and Girls

Last donny brook of the Open…


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