13.5 Plan of Attack

Well I hope your Inspired folks cause this is going to suck. I’m your coach not your friend and the way to get a good score on this workout is to push past you comfort limits. This is probably the worst workout of the open for us men. The ladies already had their trial by fire in 13.2 and you know what?

They Answered. The RedNose Chicks stepped up for the Club and represented who we are and banked points for the team.

Last week we had a couple other standout performances from are Master.

This week its time our boys to step up. I’d love to see 3 boys score at least 5+ Rounds and I’d like to see the Kid get a chance at taking another first in the Region for the Club. It’s up to you boys whos gonna step up. I didnt get 5 Rounds in my run through but its why I have all of you. Your turn to get after it.

Ladies you need to come ready with the knowledge in your head that it will be a dog fight to clear the first 4 Minutes. This will not be easy and clearing the 4 Minute Road block is what I’m looking for from you.

Here’s what I put together for you guys from my run through. If you have already talked with me personally about a different rep scheme then you know what your going to be doing.


My recommendation is to do all of your thrusters unbroken. IF you have to break I’d suggest it AFTER the 4 minute mark. Which means if your in that Dog fight to clear that mark you CANNOT drop the bar.

If you clear it or are POSITIVE you have the c2b pullups and tempo to carry yourself easily past that 4 minute mark then you may drop the bar at rep 8 and then complete a set of 7. But I warn you leaving the bar on the ground will cost you time and time is very little in this workout. And if you grab that bar and have to go to the end on it you had better stay on it. I had to sprint my 5th set of thruster and it was extremely uncomfortable but thats part of what we do.

Do not PRESSOUT your thrusters slowly. You must have pop on the top of your reps or your gonna fry both your shoulders and grip. Yes Rich used a Suicide Grip, Sean Wells uses that as well. It’s gangsta but dont drop the bar on yourself if your doing it. This is called “USCing It”


No long talk on this there are three groups

Bad at C2Bs – Do singles and try your best

Good at C2Bs – 5 Sets of 3 (limited Rests)

Confident at C2Bs – 3 Sets of 5 (Limited Rests)

John Wayne at C2Bs – First 3 Rounds at 10/5 then switch to 3×5 (If your John Wayne on the Pullup bar this all should be butterfly)

As far as general pointers on this go, here you are.

Shoes – I’m going to leave this up to you. I wore runners to keep from bottoming out to hard. I would advise most other to wear Oly shoes. It’s up to you on this.

Tape – If you think your hands will explode then yes use tape. If you dont and they explode dont stop to tape them its to late. Pack it with chalk and keep moving.

Lungs – Bring those too cause this is when it meets the marrow boy and Girls

Last donny brook of the Open…


Signup for 13.5

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Get signed up for what class you will be attending. Lets try and get everyone to sign up BEFORE the 6:30 tomorrow. We got some I/C Nomads rolling into do the workout with B and you may want to bring popcorn.

13.4 Green Goblin Rep Scheme

Here is a Rep Scheme I came up with for Skylar this AM. It was between confident and Aggressive. This was slightly similar to what I did. Now Sky is 5’11 with the arm length of someone probably more along the lines of 6’1 0r 2. Sky followed the rep scheme to a T and had time to get after his Round of 18. We elected on the spot to have him do sets of 5 for his last efforts, the result was a even 100 score. Now a shorter athlete with more proportionate arm length should be able to follow this same rep scheme and get a 100+ score simply when applying the fact that bar will be traveling a less distance and when your inside a 7 minute time domain every second counts.



13.4 Breakdown

I have again been thwarted in my attempt at making a video Breakdown for the day. Blame the fuckin American Health care system for there not being a video.

But all that aside lets talk about 13.4 and how as the Club we’ll be approaching it.

First off here let’s address rep schemes, because honestly unless you horrible at T2B this workout is won or lost in the C&J. And even if you’re horrible at T2B you can still make up time for subpar T2B if you rock your C&J.

Now first off lets scrap the idea that your gonna drop the bar every rep, Grow up Peter Pan…

You guys are in the Club and we preach efficiency. Sometimes I tell you to drop bars, sometimes I tell you to break up wallball sets and sometimes I tell you to sack up and hold onto bars.

This is one of those Nut Up or Shut up Situations.

I will give different examples of the way to do the reps below.

Rep Scheme #1

Go For it

*Standard Rep Scheme

Rep Scheme #2

Go For it

*Confident Rep Scheme

Rep Scheme #3


*Agressive Rep Scheme

Most of you should try your ass off to stick to the Standard rep scheme if you don’t you’ll leave too much time on the table. If you’re doing singles on your T2B you REALLY better get after that Barbell work.

This is about as close to a Kettlebell workout as we’ll see. It comes down to grip endurance and the ability to be efficient in the clean and jerk. Everything we preach in this program comes down to mental efficiency to match mastery of movement. Trust me when I say you’ll rest the same amount of time between singles as you would in sets when you get to deep water. I was actually able to go the negative splits route and Increase the length of my sets as I went in this one. I wouldn’t recommend this from anyone else though.

This is really simple guys. Are you Tough Enough to stay on the Barbell?

Workout Pointers

HOOK GRIP – Actually released mine on my clean catch and regripped on the way down from overhead in my sets today.

Tape your Thumbs – This will help you, trust me.

Hand width – I went with a grip on my clean that matches my split jerk grip width. I had to release my hook in the catch for power clean but was able to hit a very efficient jerk each time that saved my shoulders.

Don’t Split – You Don’t have too

Don’t Pushpress – You shouldn’t want too

Don’t drop to singles til you you feel you have no other option.

Don’t stop for chalk during C&Js

Don’t go to shorter T2B sets when your tired thinking you’ll be able to go back to bigger one


Clean – Breath
Jerk – Breath
Bar Return – Breath
Touch Ground – Breath

This workout is hard. It’s not worse than 13.2 though. It’s just easy to want to rest. You cant rest you need to have the bar in you hand and you need to breath and move.

If you want to settle for just a “alright score” then dont follow the game plan. But if your ready to dig in on one here’s your chance.

Workout BreakDown for 13.3

Alright guys I decided that a written breakdown would be a lot easier than a long video for this one. But if you need a video this one’s for you AD.

So lets talk about this….


Shoes – WEAR your LIFTS

*I will address proper wallball mechanics later in this writeup. But to do them the way I want them done you’ll need your lifts. If you want to kick them off for your DU’s or your MUs that’s fine but you need them on for your wallballs end of story.

Rope – Go with what you got

*Come on guys don’t change your rope the day you really need it to work for you. Unless that thing is fucking falling apart stick with what you know works for you.

The Movements 


Alright guys wallballs seem simple but they are extremely easy to fuck up, especially if you don’t stick with the plan. No way around it 150 wallballs sucks. It wont be easy in the least, you can’t simply coast them but if you go too fast your screwed as well (unless that’s your goal, shit this will get in depth).

So here it is…

The ball starts on the ground for each set. I’ve seen the against the wall rest application used and even tried it myself but it’s not the way to go. You restrict your lungs during a rest like this and this will cause your intercostal muscle to work harder than you want them to. When you need to drop the ball drop it and rest. Relax your shoulders move your head side to side to unlock your traps and just breath.

To start a set begin with a Medball clean

For the record medball cleans are fucking stupid. UNELSS you’re starting a wallball set, I’ll never ask you to do this movement unless you’re starting your wallballs. Make it smooth and quick guys don’t have shitty pickups and fatigue your back for no reason.

For the movement itself I have a certain way I like you guys to do this movement and it happens by wearing your lifts.


If you’re familiar with the I/C style of squatting you know we reach back while maintaining a pretty upright torso. What this allows is a bounce about two inches below parallel off your engaged hamstring that will pop you up into your next rep. If you make this a deep front squat style wallball not only are you covering a further distance increasing your workload you are also not allowing your body to use a very powerful muscle group that we constant challenge and strengthen in our program.

Now to be able to maintain this position you must keep the ball high. Meaning meeting it with your hands and riding the balls weight down into the whole. But DO NOT allow the ball to drop below your chin. I know it’s not comfortable. Your shoulders and traps will burn a bit but what you are doing is keeping the ball in a proper jump zone allowing that bounce off your hips to help your arm pop the ball up. Then you are neither using too much leg or too much arm. It’s like Baby Bears bed, it’s just right.

If you’re located in our Morgan Junction facility you know what I’m talking about and it’s why I tell you to do this stuff all the time. Now it’s time to put it into effect. It will be mentally taxing and uncomfortable but that part of the Jedi Mind Trick to how we train, it’s always uncomfortable.

Now I have a few more pointers for wallballs that we’ll address in rep schemes, if you have questions on the above info email me oldcountrystrong@gmail.com.


Both feet come off the ground rope goes under twice when this happens. Just relax


Set the ring height where you can simply reach up and get your hands on them. SPOILER ALERT you guys are gonna do singles on all these efforts, more on that in rep schemes. So having the rings easy to get ahold of is key. Drop from the rings do not add and additional eccentric loading by back swinging to the ground. Don’t be unsafe but the name of the game is to use as little energy as possible. You may use a false grip or not. This is up to you and what you’re comfortable with. It’s just one rep at a time don’t over complicate it.

Rep Schemes 


Men or Women keep the sets small 15 or 10. If you start with 15s and switch to 10s thats fine but don’t switch back. If you drop a ball simply finish your set number when you retrieve the ball and then rest. This will not be comfortable but with that said give yourself rest, rest is key if you have a shot at muscleups. But what if you don’t?

Those with Muscleups stick to the above plan

Those that don’t this is Karen for time followed by doubleunders unbroken. It will be very gross and very uncomfortable but there is gonna be a massive log jam every second will count.


3 x 30

This is what I want for those that have a shot at muscleups or have issue with DUs and will be completing this for time. If you have solid wallballs AND Dus and are completing this for time. Sucks to be you do all 90 unbroken, Every second counts.


I already let the cat out of the bag with the single in movement review. This doesn’t change, you can get 20+ reps doing this you just gotta give yourself the time to do it.


A huge cornerstone of our program is the art of NEVER breathing in guys. Constantly breathing out and doing so relaxed is the way to come out on top in this workout.

And lets make this REALLY SIMPLE

We will only use our breathing cycles on the wallballs and it will only be a 3 breath cycle.

On the way down be breathing out and breath out when you toss the ball and breath out when the balls in the air. Focus on the out breaths and not on the in. Let your body and the counter do the rest.

Wallballs, Dus, Muscleups. Be efficient breath and relax guys. Its the key to success.