13.2 Breakdown

Watch the first 7 Minutes of this video, it explained deadlifts and box jumps for me so I didn’t have. The other 13 minutes arent in the game plan view the video below this one for our whole breakdown.

I/C 13.2 Game Plan

Password: rednose


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Class Times





Get signed up for what class you will be attending. The video Break down for tomorrow breakdown will be up later. Remember Roo and myself WILL NOT be at the 6:30 class tomorrow so please get signed for for another class for coaching if you’d like our help

13.1 Break Down

This should go without saying but this is all Club info meaning information is not to be reposted or access granted to anyone else. It aint that complicated anyways guy… Well I guess the break down is longer then the workout.

Password: rednose

And Here We Go…

Alright guys it’s time to get your mind right and this is the first slogan that popped into my head to help with that…


Now if you dont get what this means it’s simple, RELAX. For some of you this is your first Open. Some of you know your going as a member of a team. Some of you are making the run at individual and know you’ve trained your ass off for a year. So just relax and perform to what you’ve trained to be able to do.

Here’s a great article I think you all should read and then relax. Quit worrying about it and get ready casue one way or another we’re doing these workouts the next 5 weeks.

Crossfit Invictus: Whats your Main Event